Technology and its Impact on the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is coming to a state near you. This might not happen right away, but it is expected to be accepted in most states within the 20 years. Regulation is now being established for the cannabis industry. Technology is playing a huge role in this process. Being able to track the growth, production, marketing and distribution of this drug is essential for its survival as a legitimate industry. Technology allows the government and members of the medical and cannabis industries to account for this drug and who is using it. Software is the key form of technical science that will be used to control cannabis.

Software for Tracking Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains must be constantly tracked and monitored by various members of this industry. When licensed and certified growers procure seeds for medical marijuana use; they are typically required to record information about the strain they want to cultivate. Legal growers must count seeds, classify the type of marijuana they want to grow and keep track of how much weed they produced from the seeds they planted. This process is done in a variety of ways through software. Blockchain software that records every last aspect of weed processing from the start to finish.

Software for Tracking Cannabis Products

Marijuana products must have the proper labeling on their packages. The labels are extremely important because they allow government to thoroughly track marijuana products in terms of where they are being dispensed, the strain that people are purchasing and how much the unit should be priced for consumer sale. Marijuana based products that are sold in the forms of food also need special labeling to protect children from purchasing or ingesting these products to children.

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Software and Applications for Purchasing Medical Marijuana

Applications and software for purchasing marijuana-based medicines and products is also available. These technologies give people the ability to buy legal marijuana products from their smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers. Marylands medical cannabis program has also implemented the use of software and applications for this purpose.

Other uses for Technology within the Cannabis Industry

Keep in mind that sensors are used for growing medicinal marijuana and automated watering and feeding equipment is set up to help plants grow as well. Artificial lighting is used to help the plants to grow and social media is also being used to provide weed consumers more information about the laws, regulations and new products that are impacting the industry.

The Government and its Use of Technology for Cannabis

The U.S. government knows the importance of regulating the marijuana industry. This governing body has not legalized marijuana and still considers it to be an illegal substance at the federal level. States that do sell marijuana products have eased their laws to allow for the medicinal and consumer use of this narcotic.

The government is extremely cautious about opening up a flood gate of illegal drug corruption within society. Technology helps to give the government control and to monitor how this substance is produced and sold to the American people. Truthfully, if the technology was not in place to help control the processing and selling of weed; the marijuana industry as a whole would not be possible.