5 attributes of a really great broadband connection

We list the 5 essential points to look out for when buying a new broadband plan for the home or office.

That there are multiple options open to you in terms of buying a good broadband connection is known to you. But if you’ve never used broadband before, you might be unsure about what to look for when buying the connection.

We have outlined 5 essential attributes in the best broadband connections currently available in India. Before buying, look for –

  1. Availability in your area. You might be looking to buy a cost-effective broadband connection that your work colleague or friend has – but the service provider expresses inability to install it in your area. This normally happens with local operators that have limited infrastructure. Always go with the best broadband providers like Airtel, which are scarcely likely to turn down your request for a new connection on grounds of unviability. Airtel tracks your address and sees the broadband density in your area before proceeding further with your request.
  2. Plan price. After you find a leading service provider offering the best broadband plan in your locality, you can study the plan in detail. Normally, the first factor you would study is how much it will cost you per month. The lower the plan price, the more likely you are to buy it. But a low price alone cannot be a factor in choosing the best broadband plan. Providers like Airtel offer the most competitive pricing on broadband without compromising on plan features.
  3. Plan duration and discounts. When you peruse the plan, also look up different options for plan time frame. For instance, Airtel’s best broadband plans are currently available in 5 variants for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. There are heavy discounts on taking the 6 months and 12 months plans. This is additional savings that you must consider before buying.
  4. Plan features. Now that you have checked out the price points and the plan duration, it is time to delve into the plan’s unique features. Check out how much monthly data you can get, what are the network speeds, what are the additional benefits in calling and texting that the provider offers, whether there are limited period discounts for booking the plan before a certain date, and so on. Compare the best plan features across two or three different plans to pick out the best one.
  5. Easy billing and secure payment. Lastly, find out how the service provider bills you for the connection – is there an SMS alert sent before the due date, does the bill arrive in your inbox, are there secure payment channels for settling the bill, and so on.
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